Helen Parish, International Tennis Player 

" Jakki has been my sports masseuse for over twelve years. When I first started seeing her I was constantly suffering from injuries which were impacting upon my development as a tennis player. Through having regular sports massages with Jakki, not only have I seen a significant reduction in the number of injuries I sustain, I am able to recover from intense training and matches more efficiently and my overall performance has improved. In the time that I have been working with Jakki I have risen from being a good junior county level tennis player to being ranked inside the top 20 women in Great Britain and having a current career high WTA world ranking of 895. I feel that Jakki has played a noteworthy role in that progression on the tennis court. She is extremely friendly, caring, knowledgeable, and professional and I feel privileged to have her as a member of my support team! "



 Client Testimonials


Harriet Scott, National Middle Distance Runner

 " As a national level middle distance runner, I've had enormous help from Jakki over the last eight years. Being a sportswoman herself, Jakki fully understands the need to perform at a high level and recover in time for the next session. For me, sports massage helps relieve muscle tension and fatigue allowing me to run more comfortably. Jakki seems to be able to feel areas of muscle tension even before I tell her! When I'm worried about a niggle, Jakki can often keep it at bay and stop it progressing to an injury. Ever enthusiastic, Jakki is friendly and supportive of all her clients, whatever their sporting prowess, age, shape or size. A sports massage is certainly my favourite 'training' session in my schedule! "


Stuart Griffiths

" I have been seeing Jakki for sports massage for the past 6 months. I am a keen club standard tennis player having recently begun playing again after a 20 year break. Having found the rigours of competing again in my late 30’s against much younger players a strain on my body I thought I would give sports massage a go. I found Jakki through her comprehensive website, gave her a call and had my first session 3 days later. 6 months down the line I am now able to play without the next morning back problems, arm problems etc. Jakki is excellent at identifying and applying specific attention to any particular area of concern or injury and sports massage has helped me with numerous niggles and pains. She has even helped me with dietary issues and queries regarding exercises and stretches before and after I play. I would definitely recommend Jakki as a sports masseuse, trainer and nutritionist. "

 John Hinds, OAP & Veteran Cyclist

" I first contacted Jakki about 10 years ago. I was suffering one of my periodic bouts of severe back pain as a result of a partially prolapsed disc in earlier life. I had tried all the conventional and less conventional therapies including acupuncture and chiropractic manipulation. Although the fundamentals could not be treated short of surgery, none of the therapies tried helped alleviate the secondary effects of muscle spasms and sciatica  which actually caused the pain- until I found Jakki! Sports massage helped me on the road to recovery. Since then Jakki has taken charge of my body maintenance, which has helped not only my cycling, both performance and recovery, but also improved my general wellbeing through treatment of the general aches and pains that arrive with old age. She has also raised my awareness of the importance of diet and stretching in keeping healthy and active. "  


Tracy Hall

" I have known Jakki for 10 years and in all that time I can honestly say she remains professional, well informed, attentive and courteous.  I train at the gym fairly intensely so a regular professional sports massage is a necessity for me and whenever I obtain an injury Jakki will always give that area the correct attention. Jakki's knowledge in her field gives me absolute confidence in her ability in correcting the problem. As well as being a true professional Jakki remains a "peoples' person" and makes you feel completely at ease and comfortable in her company and she carries out her job with real passion and enthusiasm. " 


Charlotte Lumley, Head of HR Consultancy & Client Relations Management

 " I was first introduced to Jakki in 2007 having been referred by a number of friends. Throughout my life, I have suffered with tight shoulders and back pain and spent hundreds of pounds trying to ease this pain through the use of beauty parlours and practitioners. After having just one massage with Jakki, I found that I could stand straighter, had more movement in my back and shoulders and all my stress and tension had melted away! Jakki not only does a fantastic job but she puts her clients at ease, is great value for money and every massage I get from her is as brilliant as the last! I have since recommended many of my work colleagues, friends and family to Jakki and I will continue to do so. My monthly massage is the highlight of my month and I cannot recommend Jakki highly enough! "


 Mark Bloxham, Photographer (Website)

" Since discovering the benefits of sports massage, I would recommend Pro Active PFC to any prospective client seeking a professional service. I have suffered for many years with back problems and have found this treatment with Jakki to be the most beneficial. "


 Barbara King, (69yrs)

 " I have known Jakki for 8  years and am one of Jakki's older clients. I am a golfer and have a stiff back and neck but have really benefitted from Jakki's massage and exercise advice  for older people which has certainly helped to keep me more mobile and loose and hopefully enhanced my golf swing.  

She also advised me to keep walking on non golf days and nagged me into buying proper walking shoes to help my knees ankles and posture. Last year my daughter trekked Kilimanjaro and on Jakki's advice we walked Thorndon Park regularly to help with her training. Jakki is very knowledgeable, very experienced and I thoroughly recommend her. "


Stephen Chadwick

Jakki gives the best massages I have ever had. Her mix of deep and powerful techniques with lighter touches is just perfect. I have been coming to see Jakki for five years; I usually have a one and a half hour massage and in that time she will sort out my back, legs, arms, shoulders and neck. She will sensitively, but firmly roll out ligaments and muscles and will also apply as much pressure as you can take in other areas when it is needed. She has a real understanding of the body and will always give me tips on how to improve my stretches and look after and avoid injuries. "


Brenda Ellis, Reflexologist/Secretary

" I first went to Jakki when I was having problems with my neck, shoulders and upper arms.  I play badminton twice a week and was finding it hard going as my playing arm sometimes didn't want to go above shoulder height.  I am a reflexologist which involves using my hands, arms and shoulders and I found myself hunching up towards my neck during my therapies which caused great discomfort.   Jakki was recommended by my work colleagues and wow what a difference she has made. I now have full movement in my neck, my shoulders and arms.  I thoroughly enjoy my massages and always look forward to them coming around. Jakki is a great listener and masseuse and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other people (in fact, I already have).  Jakki is also a great inspiration as she is always looking for opportunities to learn more in her chosen fields. "


Nigel Coyne (Website)

" Having known Jakki professionally for the last ten years, with the intesity of kick boxing through to currently tri-athlons and tennis, and having picked up various injuries over the years, Jakki has always been sympathetic, understanding and, more importantly, functional in her massages to assist and alleviate the problems. Time after time I think Jakki won't be able to sort this one and, guess what, she does. Have and always will recommend her to friends and family. "


Lorraine Hosking

" I came along to see Jakki a couple of months ago as I had minor running injuries, where my body and calves were very stiff and aching in the mornings, and after just one session with Jakki I was jumping out of bed! "


 Branislav "Barney" Masanivic

" I first contacted Jakki in 2001 as part of my preparation for running the London Marathon, and now it is almost ten years since that first visit. I have read the other testimonials and fully agree with all of them. She is professional and enthusiastic about her work but most of all she cares about you. "


Alex Cooke, Teenage 100m Sprinter- Under 20's

" I have been seeing Jakki for sports massages for the past 6 months. It really helps to keep my body loose when sprinting, in particular my hamstrings with which I have had several recurrent problems over the past few years. I would recomment Jakki to anyone that wants a sports massage, either to help their performance or just keep their body feeling good. "

Alan C

" I am 83 years old and have been having Sports Massage with Jakki for 17 years now. She was recommended by my Chiropractor in Brentwood to assist with an ongoing neck problem in November 2000. Since then I've had massage every 4 weeks which has contributed to me being able to have an active life. She has also played a huge part in my recovery from two hip replacements. Without this treatment I'm sure I would have many more physical problems at my age. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jakki. "


Jackie Bennett

" As a lifelong migraine sufferer I was referred to Jakki some 10 years ago by a chiropractor.  I carry a lot of stress and tension in my neck and shoulders which is not helped by my sedentary job hunched over a computer.  My monthly massage concentrating on these areas is of great benefit and helps me manage my migraines.  Because of Jakki’s advice I am far more aware of my everyday posture especially whilst working and when I feel tension building in my neck and shoulders take time to stretch and relax the area.  Over the years I have also sought Jakki’s advice on many aspects of fitness and nutrition and found her to be extremely knowledgeable and inspirational.  Jakki is a friendly and caring professional and I would not hesitate in recommending her. "

Steve Lyons

" I was recommended to Jakki over 9 years ago, having completed a charity bike ride and I have been with her ever since! Jakki always provides a professional and effective service, highly recommended. "

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