About Me 


Hi,  My name is Jakki Roberts.


I specialise in Sports Massage and I am also a qualified and practising personal trainer, incorporating my knowledge of injury treatment and prevention, fitness and nutrition. I am based in Kelvedon Hatch, near Brentwood in Essex.


I achieved my Sports Massage Diploma in 1998 and have since been working with many types of people, including those involved in sports at all levels, as well as non-sports clients.

Over the years I have worked in conjunction with chiropracters and osteopaths, spending a lot of time working with athletes preparing for competition and aiding recovery. Working at The Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games with top athletes inspired me to make my main objective to promote prevention of injury.

I enjoyed my work and own training in the gym so much that I was inspired to broaden my expertise and  I qualified as a Personal Trainer with YMCA in 2007. This enabled me to give others advice on how they can improve thier lifestyle, not only by exercise but also by making positive changes to their nutritional needs. By this, I am able to help my clients increase their overall wellbeing. 

This route then prompted me to think more about  'old age'!  It will happen to us all!  I really wanted to help people not just for the 'body beautiful' but more for fitness for health and a long life free from the many problems brought on by lack of exercise and bad diet. My next qualification, also completed  in 2007, had to be Exercise and Ageing.  I loved that course SO much because too many of us think problems that occur later on in life cannot be helped. This, I'm happy to say,  in most cases is far from the truth. We can be free from many aches and pains in our retirement if we know how to help prevent the onset. I have been working with more mature clients (in their mid-sixties and older) since 2007 and it gives me great pleasure to be able to train these people who might otherwise not be exercising at all. We go out in the wind, the rain and even in the snow! The picture to the left and at the bottom of the page shows a scene in the beautiful Weald Park, where my clients and I often train.

Following on from Exercise and Ageing was Exercise Referral in 2009. This course allows me to be qualified to work with those who have medical conditions and have been referred by their GP or health professional to take monitored exercise specifically tailored for their given condition. I am extremely happy in my work and love to know I am having a positive impact on the lives of others. 

 Lots of my regular Sports Massage clients have been  athletes ranging from the  recreational trainer to the  national level runner, also, the Premiership footballer as well as the world ranked tennis player - not forgetting, of course, the dozens of others suffering from their various occupational bodily stresses. Working on computers can so often cause suffering with back,  neck and shoulder problems, all areas where sports massage can be particularly successful. I work with those from different walks of life who have needed treatment for various reasons - for example many of my clients have highly stressful occupations that lead to a build up of tension as well as repetitive strain injury, which can both be effectively relieved by sports massage.


So whether you are a top athlete or a self-confessed exercise novice, my experience in working with a wide variety of clients will enable me to meet your needs for sports massage, personal training and dietary advice.



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